How Long Does It Take for a Record to Be Expunged in Chicago?

If you have a criminal record that’s hanging over your head and preventing you from getting a job, finding a decent place to live, or obtaining credit, there’s hope – you could be eligible for criminal record expungement. But how long does it take for a record to be expunged, and what can you do to speed up the process?

How Long Does It Take for a Record to Be Expunged in Chicago?

In the state of Illinois, the amount of time it takes for a record to be expunged varies greatly because it depends on several factors. Sometimes it takes a couple of months; in other cases, it takes several months (or longer).

First, you or your Chicago expungement attorney needs to get a complete copy of your criminal record. Then, your lawyer has to petition the court to get a judge to review your case, and you must wait for a spot to open on the court’s calendar. From there, the judge might grant your request – or the state’s attorney might object. If the state’s attorney objects to your expungement, you could be entitled to a hearing in front of the judge, where your attorney can represent you. The judge will make his or her decision, and if the court grants your petition for expungement, it will order the law enforcement agencies that have your records to destroy them or return them to you.

Once the agencies have done that, your record is clean again.

How You Can Make Your Expungement Go Faster

While you can’t do anything about the court’s calendar, you can speed up the beginning of the expungement process.

Do your best to obtain a complete copy of your criminal record. If that’s too tough, ask your attorney to perform a criminal background check. The sooner you have your criminal record, the sooner your lawyer can begin working on your petition for expungement.

From there, the best you can do is avoid missing any court dates. (If the state’s attorney objects and you are entitled to a hearing, you need to show up. If you miss it, your attorney may have to start the entire process over again.)

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