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We have all made mistakes. Some mistakes, however, are more costly than others. If an arrest or criminal conviction is affecting your personal or professional life, call Xpunge Chicago today for a free and confidential case review.

When an expungement is granted, all records related to your arrest are destroyed. With more than 80 percent of employers conducting criminal background checks, hiring an expungement attorney is a necessary investment.

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New Law May Aid Some With Felony Records

BLOOMINGTON – A new state law that makes it easier for low-level felony offenders to have their records sealed could stem the potential problems many people face after acquiring a criminal record.

As of Wednesday, people convicted of certain Class 3 and Class 4 felonies can file a petition with their circuit clerk’s office asking a judge to seal records of their convictions.

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Get a Clean Slate – Expunge Your Past, Expand Your Future

2014 could be your year to Expunge Your Past and Expand Your Future. Many of us have old arrests or even convictions that are prohibiting our future growth. But an expungement or sealing can give you a clean slate and provide the opportunities you deserve.

If you are eligible, an Expungement can literally clear your criminal record. A Sealing under Illinois law can hide or cover your record from the Read More


Now is the Time: Expunge Your Past, Expand Your Future

Beginning January 1, 2014 Felony offenses such as Theft, Retail Theft, Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance, Deceptive Practices, and even Forgery are eligible to be sealed.

Now is the Time to start the New Year off right and expunge or seal your criminal record. Xpunge Your Past, and Xpand Your Future with XpungeChicago – A Division of the Law Offices of M. Fakhoury.

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Ring in the New Year with a Fresh Start! Xpunge Your Past, Xpand Your Future!

As 2013 comes to an end, it is only fitting that we look ahead to 2014. For many of us, a new job, a new home, or going back to school, is the change needed to open up a world of opportunity.

Unfortunately, a criminal record can prevent you from obtaining the great start you were planning for in 2014. XpungeChicago – A Division of the Law Offices of M. Read More


Stay Informed: Misdemeanor Traffic Offenses Are on Your Record!

Most people believe that offenses such as driving without a valid license (625 ILCS 5/6-101) or driving on a suspended license (625 ILCS 5/6-303) are simple traffic violations that will not appear on a criminal background check. Unfortunately, however, the opposite is true: most traffic-related offenses are actually misdemeanors and far more serious than most presume.

Misdemeanor traffic citations are easily accessible to potential employers. If a job requires you Read More


Attention Job Seekers!

This week, I have both good news and bad news for Chicagoland jobseekers.  The good news is that unemployment is on the decline.  Job positions are available and companies are expanding.  In short, good employees are needed in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs!

The bad news, however, is that companies looking to hire are toughening their standards.  Most companies won’t even consider those with a criminal background of any sort.  Read More


The New Sealing Law Has Finally Gone Into Effect!

For months, I have been telling my clients about HB 3061, now widely known as “the Illinois sealing bill”.  In essence, HB 3061 expands the pool of offenses eligible for sealing.  Just last week, Governor Pat Quinn signed HB 3061, which immediately went into effect.  Under this new law, several non-violent felonies have been added to the list of offenses for which records may sealed.  The offenses include retail theft, Read More


Why Should I Seek an Expungement?

My clients are often deterred by how long the expungement/sealing process may take in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Often, I get calls when a person has been offered a job position pending a background check.  Typically, the person on the other line hopes I can clear his or her record in a matter of weeks, if not days, due to the pre-employment screening.  Please do not be one of Read More


New Criminal Record Clearing Law

This July has welcomed some exceptional news — the expansion of sealing laws in Illinois!  Bill HB3061, formerly HB5723, will soon go into effect and has expanded the eligibility for the sealing of criminal records.

This new law enables those with criminal records to petition the Prisoner Review Board to seal all Class 3 and 4 felony convictions, with the exception of violent, sex, or DUI crimes.  Prior to this Read More