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What Types of Juvenile Records Can Be Expunged?

Many types of juvenile records can be expunged, including arrests that didn’t result in charges or court cases and many convictions. The types of juvenile records that you can expunge include: All arrests that didn’t result in a court case


  • Court cases that were thrown out or in which you were found not guilty
  • Court cases where you were sentenced to supervision and completed it successfully
  • Court cases in

Can Employers Hold Your Criminal Record Against You?

If you’re like many people with a criminal record, you already know that it can hold you back from doing the things you want to do – and that when you fill out a job application or an employer asks you about your criminal history, you’re supposed to tell the truth about your past.

But is it legal for an employer to hold your criminal record against you?

Here’s what


Expunging Juvenile Records in Illinois: Where to Get Copies (and Why You Need Them)

If you want to expunge your juvenile records, you’ll need copies of them – but you can’t just stroll into any courthouse and ask for them. Here’s what you need to know.

Expunging Juvenile Records: Where to Get Copies (and Why You Need Them)

Your juvenile records list all the offenses you were accused of, the dates you were arrested, the specific charges the state held against you, and the


FAQ On Juvenile Expungement in Illinois

If you’re like many people who have juvenile criminal records, you have a lot of questions – and many of them can be answered with a quick call to a Chicago expungement attorney (we’re available at 847-920-4540 if you’d like a free case review).

However, we’ve put together a list of juvenile expungement FAQ here, too, so you can find all the answers you need.

FAQ On Juvenile Expungement in