Chicago Criminal Record Expungement: Common Questions

If you’ve ever been arrested, taken to jail or charged with a crime, you have a criminal record.

However, if you’re like many people, you don’t give it much thought until it gets in your way.

The harsh reality is that many people with criminal records—including people who don’t even get so much as a traffic ticket—have a tough time finding employment, getting a place to live, or even borrowing money because of mistakes they made in the past.

The good news? It may not have to be that way.

You could be eligible for criminal record expungement in Chicago or the surrounding communities.

Chicago Criminal Record Expungement: Common Questions

“How do I know if I can expunge my criminal record in Chicago?”

There are certain types of records that can’t be expunged—but many of those are eligible for criminal record sealing

“How do I begin to expunge my criminal record in Chicago?”

Before you can do anything to expunge your criminal record in Chicago or elsewhere, you’ll need to get a copy of your criminal history. Many people use a local background check attorney who can find all the records quickly and efficiently.

“Is my juvenile criminal record automatically expunged in Illinois?”

Illinois recently enacted laws to make it easier for juveniles to expunge their records, but unfortunately, it’s not an automatic process. Your juvenile criminal record may not be expunged—and worse, the improper sharing of criminal records isn’t a crime. That means it could be shared with landlords, schools, or even potential employers without your consent.

Are You Interested in Criminal Record Expungement?

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